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Volunteer of the Month - Bob Crawford

1st October 2018

This month the needle swings round to another of our longest serving members - it's own very own rock 'n' roll guru and host of Royal Recall, Bob Crawford!

When did you join Radio Royal?
Joined RR in October 1985.  I was a bit older than the majority of new members being 41 years old. 

Tell us a little more about what you do at the station!
At the present time, I am simply presenting the Royal Recall programme looking back at 1950's rock n roll in America. Due to having to care for my wife who is disabled, it became very difficult to take the time to come into the studios for a live programme. I decided to retire but was persuaded by Jim Prentice to try home recording. I now record the programme at home in a home studio in my spare bedroom then through the magic of computers/internet, I simply drop the finished programme into an app which is controlled by the RR studio but linked to my computer. It is imported automatically to the studio and placed on Myriad and played on air at the appropriate time without being touched by human hand!! Historically, I started as a producer on Royal Recall (which has been going longer than me) when it was hosted by Ian Walker and then Colin Powell. Then after passing the dreaded test tape (who else remembers them?) I presented Patients Choice for a couple of years before taking over presenting Royal Recall when Colin Powell left to set up a new hospital radio station in Livingston. Have had various spells over the years on the Executive Committee as Station Manager and Record Librarian.

Why did you decide to volunteer?
I had some experience of very basic DJing back in the late sixties when I was involved in setting up a youth project in Raploch, Stirling and formed a youth club. We had a basic setup of two turntables in the hall with one switch - if it pointed left then that turntable was live and vice versa!!! I left Raploch in 1970 and didn't do anything with music for several years. Being into music but unable to sing in tune or play an instrument, I always felt that DJing might be a nice hobby but never really followed it up until joining Radio Royal (where, of course, it's called Presenting.) I had seen adverts from the station for members in the local press now and again but always forgot to follow up but when I heard a work colleague talking about being a member of Radio Royal, I asked him about it and he gave me a tour of the studios. Once there, I wasn't allowed to leave until I filled out an application form!!! Press-ganged more than volunteered!!!

What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering in hospital radio?
It's a brilliant hobby if you are into music and you will meet and become friends with lot of great people in the station and in the hospital. The station output brings a great deal of pleasure to patients and staff and has been shown to help patients recover from illness. Presenting programmes is only one aspect of the station as you can be involved in production, technical, engineering, etc.. and it can be the first step towards a professional career in broadcasting. There's the added advantage that if you fancy popping down the pub for a couple of hours, just tell your wife/partner you're off to the Radio Royal studio to do some research LOL.