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Volunteer of the Month - John Collins

1st July 2019

Not many hospital radio stations can boast having a pro as one of the team, but Radio Royal can! Our Volunteer of the Month for July has worked for (and ran) radio stations all over Scotland and beyond, and has come back to where he first started out to share his knowledge - it's our very own country-loving John Collins!

When did you join Radio Royal?
1977, aged 14. I’ve been a member on and off since then.

Tell us a little bit more about what you do at the station! 
I’m the Programming and Presentation Manager. This means I look after Radio Royal's talented team of presenters and work with them to make sure we provide three great services all day, every day. It can be quite a technical task, but my fellow volunteers are good at keeping me in between the navigational beacons. I also present shows around the place – have a look at the schedule and you’ll know when to look elsewhere!

Why did you decide to volunteer? 
Initially because I really wanted to work in radio. The training and experience I gained there was invaluable in getting me into an industry I’ve loved for more years than I care to remember. More recently it’s been about giving back. I want others to get the chances I got way back when.

What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering in hospital radio? 
Stop considering and start doing. Radio Royal is every bit as professional as the big stations and has much better equipment than most of them. You’ll meet lots of people and develop your skills in a world where you’re doing something very valuable indeed.