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Radio Royal's Executive Team

The day-to-day running of Radio Royal, and the service we provide, is carried out by our Executive Committee, which consists of four Office Bearers and various Departmental Managers. The Executive Committee below was elected at our Annual General Meeting on 21st February 2024:

Office Bearers

Chairman – Lee Tait

The Chairman is one of the Officers of the Organisation and is primarily responsible guiding all Executive members of Radio Royal to ensure smooth running. The Chair is also a point of contact for all members with enquiries so they can be passed to the most appropriate Executive Committee member. 

Secretary – Vacant

The Secretary organises the meetings and takes minutes, and is responsible for the majority of the paperwork!

Station Manager - Jimmy McNiven

The Station Manager is one of the Officers of the Organisation and is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the studio complex and other assets to enable the Organisation to provide the services required in the Constitution.

Treasurer – Simon Marshall

The ‘one with the money’ – the Treasurer looks after Radio Royal’s finances and keeps track of all income and expenditure, and is one of the organisation's Office Bearers.

Departmental Managers


Audience Engagement Manager – Vacant

Radio Royal is currently exploring the different ways we can engage with our audience in addition to traditional ward visiting, whilst acknowledging our DAB+ audience and their links to staff, patients and visitors at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital. This post will be filled later in 2024.

Engineering Manager – Craig Arthur

The Engineering Manager installs and maintains all of Radio Royal’s equipment – a specialist role as there’s a lot of it!

Fundraising Manager - Andrew Morley

The Fundraising Manager liaises with current sponsors and funders, seeks out potential new sponsors and makes applications to various sources to ensure the Treasurer has something to do!

Information Technology Manager – Craig Ryan

The IT Manager looks after all of the hardware and software on Radio Royal’s computers.

Media Manager – Ian Rind

Radio Royal has a vast library of music in many formats (including loads of Compact Discs and thousands of digital downloads). The Media Manager makes sure it's all in good order, easy to find and available to presenters.

Presentation & Production Manager – Andy Wheildon

The Presentation and Production Manager is responsible for the overall ‘sound’ of the station – approving shows for broadcasting, making sure they meet a suitable standard and devising the station's programme schedule.

Social Media Manager – Gail Hamilton

Our Social Media Manager keeps our website and social media platforms up to date.

Training Manager – Ryan Miller

The Training Manager organises the training of all new members (and some long standing ones!). Training sessions run at least once per week in our studios. 

Volunteer Manager – Ryan Miller

At the heart of Radio Royal is our large team of volunteers who work dedicate hours of time to Radio Royal. The Volunteer Manager ensures our volunteers are looked after and always have someone to guide and support them from the moment you start in Radio Royal.